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Bring your senses and your inner desire to connect with the land, and prepare to be captivated by genuine warm hospitality tied with an abundance of stories and time to connect. Nothing else in the world like it, where an intense European heritage lives on, combined with down to earth Aussie spirit. The Barossa, one hour's drive from Adelaide, is Australia's number one destination for wine, food and culinary voyages.

Population: 5030 Nuriootpa means 'meeting place,' which stems from its use as a place of barter by Aboriginal tribes before white settlement. Today it is the commercial centre of the Barossa Valley. Founder William Coulthard's name is commemorated in several spots - his house today is the headquarters for the APEX, Coulthard Reserve is a beautiful place for a picnic. The North Para River meanders through the town, and offers several pretty spots for recreation or a picnic - stock up on traditional German fare at the town's butcher and baker.
The Barossa Valley lies within the state's coastal temperate zone. The mostly placid waters of Gulf St. Vincent are 60-70 kilometres away. From the standpoint of the grape, the valley is regarded as a hot district, similar to Portugal, with summer temperatures often rising to 30°C and more - stressful unless supplemented by irrigation or watering. But for the traveller, the climate is most comfortable - cool to mild in winter, warm to hot in summer, with spring and autumn being delightfully mild.
(South of Cockatoo Valley)
The Whispering Wall is the retaining wall for the Barossa Reservoir. Its shape enables a whispered message at one end to be heard 140 metres away at the other end. It also provides excellent scenic views of the reservoir and barbecue and picnic facilities.
Situated next to north ParaRiver in Coulthard Reserve. The Bush Chapel is an interdenominational place for worship. Suitable for church services, weddings, baptisms and funerals in open natural settings with log pews and native flora. Ask our friendly staff at the park for information.
Our unique regional native flora centre, is within easy reach of the Barossa Valley Tourist Park. Just follow the walking track, eastwards, through Linear Park. This volunteer community project features a diverse selection of display gardens, and a nursery supplying seed and seedlings for the home garden, landscaping and revegetation projects. Our nursery is open for sales 10-3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Feel free to wander through and enjoy the Bushgardens at your leisure, or avail yourself of guided tours organised for individuals or groups
(Ph 08 85621732).
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